Basement Organization - A Step by Step Guide

The basement is a part of a home that we usually forget while decorating our home. We typically make it as a dumping zone where we through the things we don’t use anymore, resulting in cluttering of this zone. Too much stuff can also result in fire hazards. A simple plan works well for organizing the basement.

Basement Organization: Step by Step

It’s the right time when you can transform your basement into a usable room by just following a simple guide. Let’s start it together!

Remove all the mess

Get started with the messiest area by removing unwanted things. Don’t keep the items that you are not going to use in the future. Store the things that can be used and improve the basement look. Some deciding factors really help you out.

  • How often you use the item?
  • Whether the item is in good condition or not?
  • Is the basement really a place to put the item?
  • How is it safe to store that item?

Don’t make the mistake of keeping the items by thinking that you can’t throw it out. Either donate it or think about tossing.

Start creating the sections

What do you understand by this? Well, by creating the sections in the basement, your work will become easy. If now you have made your mind that you want to make the basement as a storage room, then it is better to make the sections. These can be decided based on:

  • Memories
  • Sports
  • Décor items
  • Seasonally used items

A visually sectioned basement not only looks nice but also arranges the things appropriately.

Waterproof your basement

Yes, there are complete possibilities of making your basement a livable space. And, this can be done by taking some extra steps of keeping out the water. Find the place where water is leaking out. Once you find the hole, nothing is better than installing a pump to pump excess so as to keep the water out. Another thing you can do is add drain tile.

What about using a DIY deodorizer?

The DIY deodorizer is considered to be a pocket-friendly option when you want your basement to smell good. How can you make these deodorizers? It’s simple! You have to make small sachets which you can place at different corners.

Search for ideal basement storage solutions

Storing things in an ethical manner is not at all an easy task. But, if it’s in your mind while organizing the basement, then you must look out for some helpful solutions. There are complete chances of facing dampness and humidity in the basement area. Therefore, you must think twice while storing certain items like:

  • Papers
  • Photographs
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Metals which promote rusting
  • Fabrics

Always take extra precautions while procuring these things.

Labelling is a good idea

The last and practical step that you can take is labelling things. With this, you can quickly deal with the basement organization challenge. Basically, the inventory becomes simple with such a solution. Try to label each box from all sides without thinking about how it will look.

Taking some simple steps is an effective way of going the extra mile in organizing the basement. The guide, as mentioned above, can really assist you in tackling the task of organizing the things. Always remember that a good way of storing items is more straightforward when you follow the guide correctly.

We hope you make your basement an essential part of your home!